NEW SONG: “Journey Into Spectacular Depth @ 2PM With Vodka, My Lovely Koneko-chan”






6000はこうつぶやいた:「俺、もう いいよ。」


“Journey Into Spectacular Depth @ 2PM With Vodka, My Lovely 子猫ちゃん”


波打ち際ギリギリの砂に書いた確かな文字、 満天の星。 君の瞳から流れ星。


ウォッカがこう言った:「あたし、もう いいよ。」

言論の弾圧。壊れゆく壁。ゲシュタルト崩壊。 ジ・エンド・オブ・ジャーニー。


(Ora Orade Shitori egumo) 「わたしは わたしで ひとりで ゆきます」- 宮沢賢治 「永訣の朝」

  • T山

The Tokyo Lovedolls were furious.

Deep in their hearts churned spite, hopelessness, even perhaps a hint of hurt.

This is because they ate some terrible ramen.

At the restaurant’s entrance was a turtle the size of a human holding a bowl of ramen + tempura (ramen + tempura?), and in our ramen were potato wedges seen before only at KFC.

“Nah, I can’t have any more of this” mumbled a noticeably upset 6000.

As the two wandered through this room of unlimited possibilities called ‘music’, they began to search for ways to unleash their emotions.

“Journey Into Spectacular Depth @ 2PM with Vodka, My Lovely Koneko-chan”

Their journey has brought them to a land of free jazz, meticulously calculated melodies, comedically overused images of an hourglass and apple seen in karaoke music videos.

Words, written in the edge of the beach. Sky full of stars. A shooting star. From your eye.

Vodka is a cute Koneko-chan. Such a cutie.

Vodka said “No thanks. No more for me”

The crackdown of words. The breakdown of walls. Gestalt collapse. The End of Journey.

This is not a lie. Only this is the truth.

(Ora Orade Shitori egumo)

I will, by my self, alone, continue. Morning of Last Farewell – Kenji Miyazawa.

-Teatime Yamamoto (translated by 6000)


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