Discsystem and Teatime Yamamoto’s most dangerous music unit “Wimbledon Sogo Yusho” has finally finished the production of their 1st album ever, “Yakou-chu”, meaning Noctiluca, or in other words, nocturnal luminous bug.

Their album kicks off with “ELECTRIC KIKU-NINGYOU”, a hardcore number screaming “Cut the f**king head off” So this is a hardcore metal-ish album? NO.

The second number “PINKY VIOLENCE” (also released as a single cut by OMOIDE LABEL) is a rap song inspired by famous Japanese actress, singer, and entertainer, Reiko Ike and her violent yet erotic pink films. So this is a rap album. NO.

The fourth number “FLAT CONSTITUENT” is a discotique number with glowing floor and dancing shoes. The song is an interpretation of famous comic series”COBRA” and the Nintendo video game “MOTHER” (also known as “EARTHBOUND” in US). The rest of the album is genre-less as well, each and every song different from the other.

Also, the album includes two remixes by the fantastic Boogie Idol. Pretty sure this album will keep you up at night like a “Yakou-chu”.

Please enjoy!!!!!  by Teatime Yamamoto



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